We recognize and respect human rights within our sphere of influence

For all people, we support the right to liberty, equality, work, the highest attainable standard of health and the right to education and social security. We exercise due diligence to identify, prevent and address actual or potential human rights impacts, resulting from our activities. We take care to ensure that we don’t discriminate against employees, partners, customers or stakeholders regarding their race, colour, nationality, language, religion, ethnic or social origin, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, trade union affiliation or political opinion.

We recognize labour practices and social protection of our employees in any country where we are performing contractual activities

We will achieve fair and equitable treatment for our employees by adopting the national legislation, recognizing workers organizations and local conditions, in the country where work is performed. We will provide decent conditions of work with regards to wages, hours of work, weekly rest, holidays, health and safety, maternity protection and ability for employees to obtain a reasonable work-life balance.

We will show environmental responsibility

We will respect and promote environmental responsibility by showing a precautionary approach where threats of serious damage to the environment or climate change are caused by our activities.

We will achieve fair operating practices

We will prevent corruption and promote fair marketing and contractual practices and fair competition in all our operations. We will promote social responsibility in our value chain in regard of ethical, social and gender equality criteria in our purchasing and contracting practices. We will implement practices that promote and respect physical property and intellectual property.

We will promote community involvement with the communities in which we operate

We will consider us as part of the community and contribute to community sustainable development. This includes maintaining a transparent relationship with local government and contribution to the community in regards of the use of local employment, local suppliers and respecting and promoting cultural activities.

Deniz Bakan

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