Gülermak strongly supports and handles Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) as a basic human right

Based on an understanding of the importance of human life and healthy environment as our basic principle, it is our primary objective to ensure that all of our operations provide safety-first planning, production and construction services in a healthy and safe working environment for all stake holders, employees, customers and neighbours.

In this context, our primary principles concerning OHS are the following:

Legal requirements shall strictly be monitored in all of our places of work.

All of us, whatever our rank and status within company, shall be trained in occupational health safety periodically according to regulations requirements and keep abreast with industry advances.

All staff will remain aware of the possible risks around them and will take necessary actions to gain further awareness and for mitigation.

Each member of staff has stop-work authority, having the idea “if it is not safe, don't do it”.

We pledge to make necessary resources available to provide a healthier and safer environment by revising the entire system at the management level for sustainability and further development of an OHS system compatible with other company policies we have established.


Any employee of Gülermak or its business association can report to head of the related business unit in case of breach or violation of:

  • this policy;
  • local health and safety legislations;
  • Gülermak’s Health Safety procedures in force.


Deniz Bakan

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