Gülermak Steel
Gülermak owns one of the largest steel factories in Turkey with a manufacturing capacity of 30.000 tons/year welded steel structures, mechanical equipment and pressure vessels components and piping works conforming to worldwide recognized standards. This new and modern Factory has been opened in January 2017.

The Factory consists of all necessary equipment and facilities required for high quality and effective manufacturing and bears major quality certificates. Gülermak’s quality procedures and processes are reviewed regularly for continuous improvement. Factory follows strict quality requirements with various hold points to check the components for strength, defects and all other items.

Understanding the importance of human life and healthy environment, Gülermak’s primary objective is to ensure healthy and safe working environment for all stakeholders, employees, customers and neighbors. One of the latest investments in the factory is the installation of 2.64 MW solar panels on the roof of the factory.

As well as extensive production areas, the factory has large offices and large facilities (canteen, meeting rooms, recreation areas, parking areas, etc.). With the support of the company and the trainings provided; the knowledge and skills of all Gulermak employees are kept up to date with current technology and are encouraged to innovative ideas.

Total Area 157.000 m²
Total Closed Area 50.000 m²
Capacity 2.500 ton / month
Indoor Crane Capacity 2 x 80 = 160 tons
Outdoor Crane Capacity 2 x 100 = 200 tons
Distance to Sea Port 15 km
Gülermak Steel
Gülermak Steel Construction Industry & Trade Co. Inc
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