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Gülermak Steel as the leading manufacturer at both domestic and international markets, has completed hundreds of major landmark projects including many prestigious thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, industrial plants, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, material handling systems, bridges, viaducts, and architectural buildings with her deeply rooted corporate culture and highly experienced staff.

Gülermak has been formed by Vildan Güleryüz under his own name in 1958

First factory was in Etimesgut Ankara with a total area of 7900 m2.

In 1974, Gülermak has decided to move a larger area in Ankara Golbasi district. Ankara Golbasi Factory has been established on an area of 52.000 m2 in order to better respond to the needs of the local sector. Ankara Golbasi Factory has been modernized in 2006 to increase its business volume with the new machines added to its structure and has reached to 56.000 m2 by adding new areas.

Gülermak has been characterized by continuous improvement and incorporation of the latest technologies. In order to improve portfolio and to meet customer demands and expectations, Gülermak has decided to make an investment and built new factory at Izmir Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone in January 2017.

Gülermak Steel İzmir Aliaga Factory has become one and unique factory after the closure of Ankara Factory towards the end of 2019 This Factory owns one of the largest steel factories in Turkey with engineering, procurement and manufacturing capacity of 30.000 tons/year; fabricates steel structures, mechanical equipment, pressure vessels components and piping works in its plant with a total area of 157.000 m2 and closed area of 50.000 m2. 

This factory with its high lifting capability of 160 tons for indoor and 200 tons for outdoor; has latest technologies that allows an optimize production processes, increase sustainability, and ensure the highest quality.

Thanks to its strategic location, it is easily accessible from the Factory to the airport by highway, while it is only 15 km distance from international deep sea ports.

In addition to exporting its products to more than 50 countries and 40 worldwide clients, Gülermak Steel has completed all its projects on time with a high quality standard, gaining a good reputation among its customers and is proud of it.

Gülermak Steel has been formally split from the head office and has continuing its activities successfully under the trade name Gülermak Steel Construction Industry and Trade Co. Inc. since March 2020.

Hard work, consistency, expertise, good relationship with her precious clients and suppliers have been the drive behind Gülermak’s success story.

Since its establishment Gülermak operates with the highest ethical standards in accordance with the requirements of its clients and its own internal policies and procedures.

Machines, the technology and Gülermak Steel location have changed since 1958 but Gülermak’s mission has still the same discipline; in the best in terms of customer support, innovation, research, manufacturing efficiency and working environmentally friendly.

Our more than 450 employees are very much proud of our company and do our best to carry our reputation to the future. With the capability of performing in all fields of the welded steel manufacture sector, Gülermak Steel will continue to serve the construction and development of the Turkey and World.

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