welded steel manufacturing
Pre- Manufacturing

Pre-Sandblasting: All of the sheet plates and profile materials are subject to pre-sandblasting before the cutting process. With the help of this method, all rust is descaled and oxide layer is cleaned off before any drilling, cutting or other manufacturing processes.

Cutting, Drilling and Labeling: All drilling, cutting and labeling processes are carried out at the same state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting table. Programming is made directly on X-STEEL and uploaded to machines over network configuration, minimizing the margin of human error.

Bending: Bending is made in 600 ton CNC controlled press, according to project specifications.


Assembling: The manufactured items with varies tolerance levels are inspected by Quality Control Teams before and after welding processes.


Welders & spot welders are certified under EN, ASME and AWS standards.

Pre- Erection

Mechanical and critical connection points are pre-erected to ensure proper erection works at site
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